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Fick, Bravo & Asscociates Service Offerings:

Audit Protection & Planning:

Audit Protection & Planning is an invaluable resource available to protect, prevent and keep you covered in the event of an audit. This service is offered at a low monthly fee keeping you and your business covered all year long.

Tax Preparation:

We are a full service tax preparation firm focusing on entrepreneurs and real estate professionals. Our services cover all income taxes for individuals, partnerships, corporations and trusts.

Tax Planning:

Life changes require detailed and professional planning in order to protect your assets and ensure that your wishes are followed. Let us guide you through the process.

Tax Resolution:

When the IRS is demanding payment or threatening to levy your assets, you need our team of skilled negotiators to get you the best deal possible.

Look Back:

They say double-checking is never a bad idea, and that especially goes for reviewing an old tax return. In fact, you could be entitled to a bigger refund than you actually received last year – and even up to two years before that. Our Look Back Review is always an option. Ask your professional and find out if a tax return review is right for you.

“We Find Money Others Miss”

Offer in Compromise:

Utilizing our professional service & experience you can settle your debt with the Internal Revenue Service for just pennies on the dollar with an Offer in Compromise Program. The program allows taxpayers to settle the debt with the IRS on tax debt that has been incorrectly assessed or for other liabilities that they cannot afford to pay. Many people who thought they could never escape from their tax burdens have benefited from Offer in Compromise Program, securing a life of financial freedom and restoring happiness once more.

S Corp Elections:

Seeing your small business start to succeed and grow into a well-established company is a dream come true for entrepreneurs. But as your company grows, your tax rate tends to grow too. Growing companies face a variety of complexities during tax season, and that’s why when your company starts growing, you may want to consider forming an S Corporation, otherwise known an S Corp. The S Corp is a business entity that offers significant tax advantages while still preserving your ownership flexibility

Audit Defense:

Our firm is staffed entirely with certified professionals and enrolled agents who are aggressive and experienced advocates for our clients.

“Every Service We Offer Is Designed To Save You Money”